What to do in a brawl.


Most of the things I blog about are realistic, practical.  They are things that can be encountered on any given day.  This next situation won’t come up all that often….

That’s the brawl.  How many times do you get stuck in a brawl in a year?  And, when that happens, how often does someone haul off and try to hit you?

For most of us, the answer is “not very often”.  However, it does happen.  When I was much younger than I am now and lived in Texas, brawls were fairly common.   And, they’re still fairly common in Texas if what I read in the papers is right.

Brawls are not popular everywhere.  But, you need to be prepared.  Don’t let yourself get caught in a brawl  without being prepared.

In a brawl, you are in a group of people and a man decides he wants to haul off and punch you.  Usually, I feel, when this happens, the guy wants to hit you in the face.

It’s much more common for a woman to be grabbed, assaulted, raped, than hit without any warning.  But, it can happen.  Don’t cross it off your list of options.

When this happens,  get out of the way.  Something to keep in mind here is that there’s not much time to prepare.  You’ve got to be ready and not spend a lot of time thinking about things.

Just do everything you can to avoid being punched.  This means that you can

side step,

dive out of the way,





If you can, use your hand or forearm to protect your





Attackers deliver punches and kicks in a line.  When you step to the side, you get out of the “line of attack”.  When you get out of the way, the guy is punching the air.  This has a tendency to disrupt his balance.  When he’s off balance, you have an opportunity to get in a hit and then run for it.

Whatever happens, get out as fast as you can.  That’s why it’s important to always wear shoes you can run in.  Running has been an effective escape technique throughout time.  Successful runners  escape injury and death all the time.



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FullSizeRender-1-300x278Today’s post of this blog is not happening.  I am taking time out from my blog schedule to work on my reflexology book.  I hope to be back online after the first week in January.  Thank you for your consideration and patience.

May we all have a safe and secure 2016.

Thurman Greco

A Call to Arms: Carrying a Gun


On December 3rd, the popular Ulster County, New York, Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum posted an item on Facebook:  “In light of recent events that have occurred in the United States and around the world I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to please do so.”

This message sparked much debate on Facebook and off.

As a resident of Ulster County, I was not threatened by his post.  New York State has a stringent process for purchasing and carrying a handgun.  It’s not easy to get a license to carry a gun in New York State.

In order to get a permit, a person must:

1.  fill out a detailed application,

2.  provide two color photographs,

3.  provide an original Social Security card,

4.  bring a birth certificate.

And, that’s just for starters.  Law enforcement has strong discretion to deny a permit.

Based on the permit process in New York State,   Sheriff Van Blarcum  is completely justified in making this statement.  Ulster County residents can be grateful for his decision.

What he did not discuss…and what very few people discuss is how carrying a firearm affects a person’s daily life.

For women (and men) this can have a significant impact.  It may not seem like much, but carrying a weapon significantly impacts your wardrobe.  Where are you going to carry this weapon?  How obvious do you want the presence of this firearm to be?

My father, for example, wore his pistol in a holster.  No one even noticed  it was there.  That was because he never went without his suit coat (no matter how hot the Texas summer day was) and his wardrobe consisted  of clothing that concealed this firearm.

So, if you are going to carry a weapon,  where are you going to have it on your person and what kind of clothing are you going to  wear to  make it work for you?

If you are a woman, there are several  fashion accessories for you.  There are women’s purses which hold your gun and are still easy for you get access.

A company, Lethal Lace, for example,   sells a very discreet holster just for women.

Carrying a weapon is a way of life.  How is a holstered weapon, for example, going to affect the way you interact with your children, friends, fellow workers as you go about your day?

Now, you’ll be conscious not only of your wallet, car keys, cell phone but also your weapon.

If you are going to be carrying a  weapon responsibly, you are going to add in training hours.

And, finally, as you go about your day at both work and play with a  weapon, you are going to be ready to kill someone.

And, this is the big question.   It is a big jump from owning  a gun to exercise your Second Amendment Rights and owning a gun to be able to kill a person or persons… for whatever reason.

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What about a car jacking?


Many years ago, in Mexico City, I was involved in an attempted carjacking.

I was driving my  Volkswagen bug in Colonia Chapultepec during the noontime   traffic madness  when a man jumped in the front seat of my car.  At the time,  (1972), I had never even heard of something  called a carjacking.

I didn’t even get scared.  I just went into high gear.  I turned the steering wheel back and forth.  I jammed on the brakes repeatedly,  hit the gas pedal numerous times  and honked the horn nonstop.  In other words, I alerted everyone around me that something was badly wrong.  Many people thought I was a crazy person.  Certainly the man who wanted my car thought so.  In less than 2 minutes, he opened the door and jumped out  into the traffic.

He couldn’t get out  fast enough.

I went on with my day trying to get my errands done as quickly as possible.  It never even occurred to me that I might have been in a life threatening situation.

That was then.  Car jackings are totally different events now.

Mine was  a typical reaction to an unsuccessful carjacking attempt.  That’s why carjacking is one of the most under reported crimes out there.

If I find myself in a car jacking situation today, I’ll definitely do things differently.  For one thing, I’ll be the one opening the car  door and running for my life…not the carjacker.


Cars are much more valuable these days than the  VW bug I drove back in the 60’s. Carjackers often have weapons today.  These attackers are prepared to wound and kill  to get the vehicle they want.

Your defense against a carjacker begins in advance of the event.  So, think about how you’re going to protect not only yourself but anyone else riding with you.

Begin your defense by parking your vehicle in a well lit, highly populated public place if at all possible.  Lock your doors when you leave the area.  Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.

Pay attention to the vehicles around your car when you park.  Don’t park near a van or other panel truck.  And, when you return to your car, look at what vehicles are parked around your car.  What people, if any, are in these cars?  How easy is it going to be for one of them to pull open your door and force you out of your car and into a vehicle parked nearby?

As you walk to your car, if you see a person, look directly at that person and make solid eye contact.  Get a good look of the person(s) around your car as you approach it.

Don’t be afraid to get a good look of everything around you and your car.  Walk with  purpose, keep your head up, and notice everything in  the area.

As you walk out the parking lot, remote start your car, have your phone,  your pepper/mace spray out and ready to use if needed.  If your gut tells you  something isn’t “right”, honor that feeling.  Never ignore your abdominal brain!

Look to see if something or someone is under your car or one of the vehicles parked next to your car.

Not all carjackers take your car as you enter or leave a busy parking lot, gas station, car wash, ATM, fast-food restaurant.

Some carjackers will stage a minor accident to get you to pull out of traffic and stop. Once you pull over, you’re going to find yourself robbed of your car and it’s contents.

If you witness a minor accident on a road, don’t pull over and don’t roll down your windows.  Instead, lock your doors and windows,  call 911 and continue on.

When you drive and come to an intersection, stop with enough space between you and the vehicle in front, so that you can see the tires of the vehicle in front.  This space will allow you the room to “get away” if you decide  you suddenly need to leave the area.

If you find yourself in a situation where a thief is in your car with you, get out of your car as fast as you can!  Throw your keys out the window away from the car in one direction, and you go in the other.  If you have a child with you, grab your child and start running while yelling clearly “My child is in this car!”.

At this point, you don’t want to be in your car as your carjacker drives it way.  You don’t want to be taken to another location.  Avoid this.

I’ve referred to pepper spray, and mace.  There are also other options:  a knife, a stun gun, brass knuckles, a revolver.  Whatever you choose, be sure you know how to use it.  Take classes.  Practice.  Be prepared.

While you’re at it, take a self defense class.  Paul LaCroix is my self defense teacher.

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Do you have your self defense ring?


Even though I recently named a blog article with the phrase, I don’t like it.   “Up close and personal”  is so overdone.  What I do like is  “horribly intimate”.  This phrase is accurate.

When an attacker gets ready to punch your face, he’s getting frighteningly  intimate.  When he starts to rip off your clothes so he can rape you, he’s getting frighteningly intimate.  Rape is many things.  For starters, it’s horrible.  It’s also  intimate.

After all, you’re going to be fighting for your life – with no clothes on.  It’s hard to get raped when you’re fully clothed.  While you’re thinking about this – take a moment to think the situation through.  As you go through your day, put yourself in a slightly different mindset.

For starters, realize that nobody who’s getting ready to attack you is going to give you time to be properly attired.  So, it’s up to you to make sure you’re ready for an attacker no matter where or when he shows up.

How is this?

Well, from now on, you are going to be ready for action when you wear your self defense ring.

What is a self defense ring?

A self defense ring is a ring with a high dome  or pronged setting which can help you as you hit your assailant.  At the very least, you’ll get some skin, hair in the setting for DNA evidence.

So, if nothing else…you’ve got your ring.  Wear your self defense ring 24/7.  With your self defense ring, you’re ready for action.

I got my self defense ring from Richard Polhemus at Gabriel’s Reclaimed Jewelry at the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market in Woodstock, NY.  His email is gabriels_reclaimedjewelry@yahoo.com.  To talk to Richard personally, call 845-853-2079.

I plan to get several self defense rings for my daughters for their birthdays.  After all, I want them to be ready for action, too.

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The story is true.   The people are real.

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What about a home invasion?


You’re sitting in front of your TV – watching your favorite show.  Suddenly…you realize you’re not alone.  You sense  a stranger in your house.

What are you going to do?

Well, the first thing you are going to do is…right now…plan your escape routes.  Know what you’re going to do if the bad guy is coming in your front door.  Know what you’re going to do if the bad guy is looking in your kitchen  window.

Preparing for a home invasion is definitely not rocket science but it does take some focused mental preparation. Important on your list is knowing where every window and door are located.  This may seem silly to ask yourself to count  your own windows and doors but once you have this information organized,  you can plan escape routes.

How should you leave your home if the attacker comes in the front door?

What about if you just find him in your bedroom?

What should you do to escape if you think you have more than 1 attacker?

Important in this preparation is an escape package in every room.  You won’t need a lot of things but you want them organized and hidden so you can get to them quickly.  Items for your escape pack include

extra car keys with remote starter

mace/pepper spray

knife or other tool

phone with 911 predialed.


After you’ve thought the scenarios through, you’ll  know what to put in your escape packs.  Having one in every room may seem like overkill but you probably can’t control how or when you will be attacked.  You can only be as prepared as possible.

Preparation is important because it’s what gives you an advantage.  Unless your attacker knows you, this familiarity with doors and windows and where they open to will help you escape faster.  Even if your attacker knows you, your planning will give you an advantage as you escape.

In a home invasion, your best chance of survival is through  planned exits.

Keep a phone by your side always.   As soon as you think someone is in your home, call 911 while you’re getting out.  Don’t bother to waste any time wondering what the invader is up to.  Focus your attention on getting out the door, calling the cops, making sure your life is safe.

On your way out the escape route, don’t hesitate to throw a lamp or chair or scissors, or anything else at your attacker.  Have mace or pepper spray handy in every area of your home.  Don’t be afraid to use it as you take off.

And, don’t just take my word on this subject.  It’s too important.  I invite you to go to http://www.shootingforwomenalliance.com and read  Susan Carrichner Rexrode’s story.  She tells it beautifully.


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Get Yourself Ready for a Split Second Decision


When things begin to get serious in a situation and you feel you need to do something  to protect yourself and those around you, you’re not going to have time to call anybody except 911.  And…calling 911 doesn’t really need much advance preparation.  Just have your phone in your hand and call.  Other than that, forget it.

As I spend months and months preparing to defend myself, I know  there are a few basic situations:

Home Invasion

Car Jacking



Movie theater/mall invasion

church shooting

school shooting

Whenever you drive into the parking lot of the movie theater or mall, mentally review how you’ll act if you suddenly see a heavily armed person in the building.

Don’t be afraid to mentally rehearse this scenario.  Rehearsals will only  make you a stronger person if you’re ever confronted with such a situation. And, let’s face it, movie theater/mall invasions are happening more and more often.  It’s almost as if they’re a fad.

School campuses, churches, movie theaters, malls are magnets because attackers go where crowds gather.

The first thing you want to decide is how you’re going to protect yourself in this situation.  If you’re ever in a situation where you see a heavily armed person in a theater or mall,  know it’ll be scary and life threatening.

Before you do anything,  decide if you’re going to arm yourself.  If you decide to carry a weapon,  what can you legally take in the building?  What does your state/county/town permit?

Can you carry  a gun?

Must it be concealed?  Must it be open carry?

What kind of firearm can you use…if you can even use one?

If the answer is that you can take a gun, then your next question is this:

Do you have one?

Is it right  for the job?

Are you trained to use it?

Is it properly stored in your home?

Do you have a permit for it?

Are you  comfortable with this option?

If not, what do you have to do to become comfortable?

If a gun seems out of the question, what about a knife?

Do you have one?

Do you know how to use it?

Is it the right size for the job you’re intending to use it for?

Do you have Mace or pepper spray?

Like with the gun, is it legal in your state, county, community?

How can you legally carry it?

After you answer the questions, you know what direction to go in.  Your first step is to get comfortable with carrying and using the weapon you have chosen.  Then, you need to get comfortable with the idea that you can now go into a mall/movie theater armed to protect not only yourself but those around you.

People have a tendency to freeze when they see someone with a weapon.  Weapons are such powerful intimidators.  Spend some time mentally adjusting yourself to  scenarios where you won’t  be intimidated by an armed person who is aggressive.

What you will do in this situation?

Do you think you’ll be able to run?

Will you have time to run?

Will you be ready to dial 911?

Can you charge this person if  you need to?

Have you taken self defense classes which will help you?

As you mentally rehearse this situation, imagine how it will play out if you are in a seat watching a movie.  How will it play out if you are in a line getting popcorn? What might happen if you are in the women’s room?  Imagine what will happen if you simply freeze up.  Imagine what will happen in all of the different ways you can come up with.

Every time you go to the movies, notice the exit signs.  Look at the people around you.

How crowded is the theater?

Notice what each person looks like.

Pay attention to who is sitting where.

Where is the safest place in the theater for you to sit?  The front of the theater, the middle rows, the rear rows?

How close can you get to the exit?

As you sit in the theater, try to figure out where the attacker might stand.  Imagine a scene playing itself out.  Consider the time frame of any actions the attacker might take.  Imagine how you might react in different scenarios.

Imagine what you will be doing.

How much time will you have in each scene?

What will you have to do to overcome the attacker?

When the situation is real, there will be no time to contemplate the situation.  You have to be ready to take control immediately.

Mentally rehearse situations where you are in the movie theater, in a public area of a mall, in the food court of the mall, in the mall parking lot.  The settings will be different but the actions will basically be the same.

How will you act in each situation?



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As usual, thanks to Paul LaCroix

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Do you know a college student?


“1 in 4  Women experience Sex Assault on Campus”.  This headline appeared in the New York Times on September 22nd  this year.  Richard Perez-Pena wrote an in-depth and shocking article about campus assault and rape.

And, as detailed and shocking as the article was, there was nothing in it that women everywhere don’t already know.  What we also know is that any coed experiencing rape is going to have an uphill battle when/if she reports it.

For that reason alone, I find it hard to believe the statistics.  Women  experience unwanted sexual advances, assault, and rape and then just keep their mouths shut.

There is much that can and needs to be done to stop this behavior.  With this blog post, I’m offering  one small step that can be used by all of us.  It is a start…nothing more.

And, what is this one small step?  A self defense ring.

Women,  get a self defense ring.    This is the item which will work to  prove you’re not lying when/if you decide to tell your story.  The self defense ring has a   pronged setting or overlarge dome which will catch your attacker’s skin and flesh as you defend yourself.

It’s all too popular nowadays for rape kits to get lost.  How best to hide the evidence?  Well, with a self defense ring, you have your attacker’s DNA which you can keep in a box for future use if you need it.

Self defense rings don’t have to be expensive or gorgeous, even.  What they do need  is a setting or design high pronged enough to grab skin.  I bought mine at Gabriel’s Reclaimed Jewelry in the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market in Woodstock.  Richard Polhemus can be reached at 845-853-2079.

Thanks for reading this blog post.

Please refer this article to your preferred social media network.  Please share this information with any college coed you know who doesn’t have a self defense ring.  We all need one.

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And, don’t forget to get your self defense ring!

Thurman Greco



Prepare Yourself – Use your Intuition

160_F_515305_0U9IbPLmatg8n5tBdRNo7QDeSPq9xFIt seems so far away now, but just a few short weeks ago three American servicemen on  a French train in Europe stopped a terrorist just seconds after they heard the sound of his rifle as he cocked it to shoot.

One of the three servicemen, Alex Skarlatos reportedly described the incident;   he didn’t have time to think or realize what was going on.  He  felt as if the whole event were a dream.

This  could have happened to any of us.  If you don’t want to be caught unprepared,   there are  things you can do.  In addition to getting a self defense coach,  you can do all the housekeeping things:

carry pepper spray or mace

have a remote car starter

keep your house locked

never go out alone after dark

know  what goes into your drink at parties

keep your phone beside you at all times.

And, finally,  exercise your intuition.

While  you stand in line at the bank, supermarket,  or when you wait at the doctor’s office ask yourself this:  What would I do if this place were robbed now…this very moment?  What would I do if someone decided to come in and shoot up the place?

Banks, supermarkets and doctor’s offices are very different environments.  The answer to these two questions will be different for each location.

When you begin to use your intuition, include all of your senses…especially your eyes.  Your eyes see  much,  much more than you consciously remember.  You see everything.  Actually, your eyes focus on what is seen by the brain because it’s the brain which sees, not the eyes.

Don’t overlook your other senses.  Your senses of  smell, sound, touch,  reveal much to you.  This information is all stored for you to use if you need it in the future.   Your senses develop your intuition because they support the “unspoken word” which is many times information which can mean the difference between life and death.

As you stand in grocery lines, bank lines, customer service lines, and sit in traffic, play  mental games.  Ask yourself to remember small details about the bank lobby you were in yesterday or the supermarket you shopped at last week.  Use this time to develop your senses and exercise your intuition.  They’ll be a great aid to you in future problem solving.

Plan as many escape scenarios as possible.  Know what you’ll do.  Notice the exits so you’ll know how to escape.  Know where you’ll go.  Know where your phone is at all times.  Where are your car keys?

When you play “mental games” you’re keeping yourself alert to whatever may happen in the future.  This isn’t something  you’ll do in fear.  It’s   mental preparation for an event which may or may not happen,

As you go through your day, you’ll prepare yourself for the best possible outcome of a worst case scenario.  If you “have your head in the sand” and refuse to play this game, you may find yourself wasting valuable seconds,  minutes, trying to figure out what to do if an attacker is in your midst.

If you’re unprepared,  you won’t know that much about an escape route.  You may not know where your phone is.  You won’t know where help can come from.

When you are prepared, you’ll be ready to do whatever is necessary to escape and save yourself.  Without wasting even one second of valuable time, you’ll be up and running with defense techniques you’ve thought about in advance.  You won’t  wonder what your attacker is going to do and what you are going to do.

And, where does your intuition come in here?  If you’ve spent time in the bank line   seeing, smelling, hearing  what’s happening in the space, you can ponder what you’ll do.  You’ll  know the minute something isn’t “right” in the bank.  You’ll be a fast-acting responder the instant  your intuition tells you  something is different.

After all, you’ve spent time seeing, hearing, smelling everything when things were okay.  Your gut can  take over for you.


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Thurman Greco