Do you wanna be the girl with a gun?


Women have a complicated relationship with guns.    Daily, we negotiate our sexuality, femininity, careers, and gender inequalities in a nation where guns are both fetishes and easily accessible.

On the grand scheme of things, very few women own and use guns.  I don’t have the exact number, but I suspect it’s below 25% of the population.  I’m not looking for an exact number and I don’t really even believe the statistics I read.  There are simply too many illegal guns out there.  There are too many unregistered gun owners.  How can we ever know the correct number?

In spite of the gender gap, women own guns for pretty much the same reason as men:


Target shooting


One thing for sure, if the gun manufacturers and dealers have anything to do with it, women will own more guns…and soon.

Arms manufacturers  market firearms specifically to women.  Two manufacturers coming to mind are Smith & Wesson, and Glock.  But, there are many, many more.

They  design handguns specifically to appeal to the feminine market.  The guns can be purchased in colors – pink being a favorite color.  Manufacturers are creating firearms with wood handles, small grips, and designed to fit in handbags and feminine shoulder holsters.

Last January’s Shot Show in Las Vegas included classes aimed at enlightening men on how to sell guns to women.

What everyone needs to understand is that women will, in the end, learn to select their own firearms.  Women do not need special smaller, lower caliber handguns that they can handle.

Women, just like men, want a handgun which will do what it needs to do.  A smaller, lower caliber handgun may not be powerful enough to stop an attacker.

WOMEN, when you select your handgun…make the choice yours.  The gun you purchase and use needs to be the one you choose based on criteria important to you.

Do enough research to recognize advantages and disadvantages of different handguns.

Don’t just walk into a gun store and take the 1st gun somebody shows you.  Go to a range, take some classes, rent a gun and use it.  Keep looking until you find the right gun for you.  You’ll know it as soon as you hold it in your hand.

Don’t forget why you’re buying the gun in the 1st place.  And, don’t forget the training.  Even though you may start out being motivated to own a gun by fear, need for self-defense, protection, and/or safety, you may end up being more interested in other things:




Whatever your reason for owning a gun, the high degree of gendered violence in our country cannot be ignored.  For some women, being well trained in the use of lethal weapons is a reasonable response to the situation.

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Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Whatever


Do you own 1?  Do you own 2?  Do you own 3 or more?

What about knives?

The decision to have guns, rifles,  shotguns  or other weapons in your home is  serious, personal.

Once you get it (them) home, what is the safest, best way to take care of this (these) weapon(s)?

For starters, insist  everyone living in your household learns the rules of good firearm safe keeping and follows them exactly.  If you can’t accept this responsibility, don’t own either a gun, rifle, shotgun,  or any other weapon.


make sure it is unloaded,

store it safely,

keep the ammunition in a separate location.

This means that neither the firearm nor the ammunition should be accessible to anyone – especially not curious children.

The safest way to keep your firearms is to use a firearm lock, store the firearm in a firearm case, and keep the firearm in the case in a firearm safe.

All a firearm lock  will do is slow down an unauthorized person – especially  a child.  A firearm lock can’t stop anyone  determined to get to your gun, rifle, or shotgun using a tool or by any other  means.


community, county, state, and federal laws governing safe firearm storage.

the laws about owning  loaded handguns, rifles, or shotguns.

the laws about  using firearms in your community.

about safe storage of both firearms and ammunition.

Make sure that none of your weapons  are  available to children at all.

Once you have your handgun, shotgun, or rifle  home and in a safe storage place, take time to learn to use it.  Find a qualified teacher to help you learn to do the job you may have to do…protect yourself.  My teacher is Paul LaCroix.  You may not live close enough to Paul.

Whatever your situation, choose with care. Any protection you gain from having a firearm in your home depends on how well you are trained and how well you understand the rules of safe handling and storage. Learn to properly handle your firearm and secure it safely.

Making the decision to have a  gun or rifle in your home is a serious one.  Whether or not this decision is ultimately a good one for you depends on how well you can use the firearm once you get it home.  Proper handling and storing practices are absolutely essential.

Whatever you do, it won’t  work if you can’t keep your family and friends from risking their lives or injuring themselves.

Your handgun or shotgun needs to be readily available to you and not accessible to others.  If you can’t prevent others from having access to your weapons, you are inviting tragedy.  Children are very good at finding guns that an adult thought were safely hidden and out of reach.

Keep your guns and rifles unloaded and in secure storage places.  The ammunition should be kept in a separate place – whether or not you are at home.


Treat every gun/rifle as if it were loaded.

Point the muzzle in a safe direction.

Keep fingers away from the trigger.

Keep the gun/rifle unloaded.

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4 Things You Can Learn From Healers About Protection


Protection is not just physical.  Protection can  be a very spiritual practice.  Healers practice protection techniques every day as they work to facilitate spiritual healing.

Healers know that protection is needed for all our bodies:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Healers know  they can be threatened when they become effective in their practice.

Healers know that everyone wants to be protected and feel safe.  Fear can immobilize you and prevent you from living the life you want to live.  In order to be successful, it’s important for us to go about our daily lives with trust, peace, love and openness.

The fact that healers use protection techniques routinely is a testament to their usefulness.  Below are several exercises which you can use daily to help move you away from fear.  You do not have to be a healer for these exercises to work for you.

AS YOU WAKE in the morning, spend a moment or 2 grounding yourself and then visualize a golden light of protection surrounding you, your home, your car.  Visualize this light of protection working  throughout the day.

AS YOU LEAVE your home, visualize a ball of energy surrounding any and all beings, thoughts, energy fields which may send negativity toward you.  The intention here is that you are putting all negativity in the ball of energy where it cannot offer harm.

CALL UPON ARCHANGEL MICHAEL whenever you need assistance.  As the archangel of protection and the patron saint of policemen, Archangel Michael is the first line of defense when you feel fear of any kind.  Customize the following prayer to suit your circumstances and repeat it daily and/or whenever you need protection.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, PLEASE COME TO MY ASSISTANCE NOW.  Surround me in your shield of light so  I will not be harmed.  Please accompany me throughout my day so  I and those around me will feel safe as you offer love and guidance along the way.  Please  watch over me as I go about my activities.

Thank you Archangel Michael and your Band of Mercy for sealing my surroundings in the white light of love.  Thank you Archangel Michael and your Band of Mercy for affirming clear guidance which helps me serve my fellow man for the highest purpose possible assistance needed…

AT THE END OF EACH DAY visualize cutting the cords of the people you had contact with during the day.

The theory is that we have energetic cords connecting ourselves with anyone we contact during the day.  The cords need to be broken each day to avoid ongoing influence with these people.

Fear is endemic in our culture and throughout the planet.  It is the cause of many diseases.  Almost every blog post on my Reflexology for the Spirit blog has the word “fear” at least once.  We live our lives in fear and don’t even realize it.

We all have talents and abilities that are as yet untapped because of this fear.

It’s  important to seek protection and to learn protection techniques so  we can overcome our fears.  Protection techniques are necessary for both our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Whenever you hear a story on the radio,  TV, or read about a gang member, criminal, crooked politician, drug dealer, sociopath, offer blessings and divine love.

Archangel Michael is not the only being who can be called upon.  Study about other Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters who can help you as you seek protection.  To start you on this path, I suggest a few:







Kuan Yin




Learn both physical and spiritual self protection techniques so  you are well rounded in your fight to overcome fear.  Work with all your body:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual as you seek protection, safety, and self defense.

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We all need to overcome fear as we seek self protection.

Media provided by Jennette Nearhood.

Thurman Greco




Low Blows & Cheap Shots

It’s all about what works.  In a competition, there’s usually a referee of some kind.  Out in the world, the only referee is the person standing at the end of the event.  Competitive sports and destruction are not compatible.  When push comes to shove, the person who is left standing is still alive and is the winner.  The loser is not laying around on the ground muttering things like “Well, I played the game by the rules.”

Out in the world, engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior is the most effective way to win the battle.

Different situations call for different techniques.  In a real situation, a person:

has  stolen your purse,

wants your car,

is in your house,

is planning to rape you,

the rules are different.

In any  of the situations listed above, there are some very effective things you can  do.   You DO have some options to successfully injure your assailant and live to tell about it.

Eye gouging of any kind is a good move.  Eye gouging does not require body weight or fancy training.

Pulling hair.  This is very effective.  Once Paul taught me about this, I went and got a very fashionably short haircut.

Groin kicks are in the same category with eye gouging.  Groin kicks can be very painful.  They can be debilitating.  They can injure a person.

Broken fingers/wrists.  Broken fingers and wrists are very painful and easily done.  That’s actually one of the first things Paul LaCroix taught me.

Elbow strikes are  effective.  Your elbow is one of your best weapons.  It’s sharp, can be effectively used with force when a person is down, and used on the spine or neck of a downed person, can offer the opportunity for victory.

If your opponent is grounded, there are 3 things which can be very effective:




When your opponent is down, kick, knee, and stomp the head and body until the person is injured and the fight is over.  Don’t forget to include the kidney area when you are kicking.

There are several things that Paul is not encouraging me to do:

biting – this can be dangerous if the opponent is HIV positive.


using abusive language – in this situation we’re beyond talking with one another.

quitting – the event isn’t over until my opponent is injured and down.

The person who just tried to grab my purse, or enter my home, or steal my car, or rape me is worried about neither technique, speed, or strength.  He’s interested in 1 thing  only:  results.

Competition is not part of the equation.

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