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7 Steps to Fighting Success


If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, you know by now that your whole body is a weapon.

If you’re new to this blog, learn now that your whole body is a weapon.

Elbows, knees, fists, teeth, feet,…all of these body parts can work in your favor to make you a lethal weapon in a face off with an aggressor.  A body that’s in good condition makes the job of self defense easier.   After all, it’s much easier to run/  fight back like a wild woman if your body is in good condition.

When I embarked on  the self defense journey, I had no idea where to even start.

My journey began with a trip for a physical.  I knew I would need this physical to get in classes I needed to register for.  My physician is in love with my new self defense role!

I’ve been  taking supplements for years but I went over to Village Apothecary for a nutritional review just to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything out.  This important step should be done periodically anyway so it was something I  needed to do.

After a thorough search, I found The Fitness Connection for classes.  “Classes”  can be different for different people but, whatever form they take, they’re important.   In addition to the classes, I’m walking.  Just this week I’ve added Nordic walking poles to my daily routine.  And, guess what…I’m feeling better!  This is a non negotiable part of the journey.  My classes include self defenses classes weekly.

I reconnected with my  my physical therapist.  I’ve had health issues with one shoulder for months.  I’m not putting up with them anymore.  I now visit Rhinebeck Physical Therapy twice a week.  I know that I’ll do a  better job of defending myself if my body is in optimum condition.  I’m planning to have my shoulder issues settled soon.

Not everyone will visit a physical therapist.  Some people prefer chiropractors. Use whatever modality is more comfortable for you.  The important thing is to resolve health issues.

Food is not recreation.  Food is nutrition needed to keep my body in peak condition.  I’m eating accordingly.  End of story.   I’m cleaning my “house”.  I’m making sure that I’m cutting way back on foods and other habits which aren’t good for me.  I’m on a fitness diet.

With all the things that are happening in my self defense focus, I’m developing more confidence.  I have a better sense of self esteem.

When  you follow the  self defense steps to success, you, too, will have more self confidence and a better sense of self esteem.  Following the  steps is a journey that can have a good ending.

I am getting  rid of all that is holding me back from optimum physical preparedness.  Join me in this journey.  You, too, can get rid of all that is holding you back from optimum  preparedness.



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Thurman Greco

Your rights end where my nose begins.


In another time, and another place…many years ago, I took  a government class at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.  One morning my professor spoke for a long 50 minutes about civil rights.  During this whole class, he said one thing that  has stuck with me through the years:

“We all have rights.  Your rights end where my nose begins.”  Those words are very true today, especially  in this self defense blog.

We all have rights.  They begin with our noses.  We all have boundaries.

So,  decide where your nose begins.  Establish, for yourself, a boundary.  This boundary is a line which no one is going to cross.  This line goes in a circle all around you.

You have rights.  Your rights are rules of behavior you observe when a predator crosses this line.

And, this line is at least 4 feet out from your body in all directions.  When a person crosses this line, you are going to know it.  You are going to sense this invasion, if nothing else.  Your nose is going to tell you.  You may:

see this person.

hear this person.

“feel” his presence.

smell him.

Let’s hope you’ll never touch him.

As soon as your  “predator alert” goes off,  get busy.  It’s time for you to do everything necessary to secure your boundary.  You need to get completely out of the situation.

Get busy!


Run away!

The predator needs to know immediately when he crosses the boundary line into your territory.  This space is yours.  No one should be there without your express invitation.  Crossing this boundary can include




off-color remarks

any other language you find offensive


If you know exactly where and what your boundaries are, you will be safe.  (That sentence is a mouth full!)

Nobody wants to spend precious time thinking a bunch of negative thoughts.  However, predators, sociopaths, and psychopaths move freely about.  Our safety depends on being aware of them.

In order to stay in control when confronted by one of these villains, it’s necessary to be



know your fighter within.

Develop your energy, strength, intensity, and skills necessary to fight any foe.

Become a wild, crazy, brutal animal.

How can you do this:

Know yourself.  Train the strength you possess to overcome all attackers.

Learn to become aware of your environment so no one can sneak up on you.

Know your options if you need to change your location suddenly.

Always be on the lookout for suspicious activity and anything seeming to be dangerous.

Never let anyone intimidate or bully you.

If things begin to go wrong, get out…FAST!

Know that as you develop your training, you are building a bigger and bigger inner arsenal.

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Thurman Greco