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Thurman Greco

A Call to Arms: Carrying a Gun


On December 3rd, the popular Ulster County, New York, Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum posted an item on Facebook:  “In light of recent events that have occurred in the United States and around the world I want to encourage citizens of Ulster County who are licensed to carry a firearm to please do so.”

This message sparked much debate on Facebook and off.

As a resident of Ulster County, I was not threatened by his post.  New York State has a stringent process for purchasing and carrying a handgun.  It’s not easy to get a license to carry a gun in New York State.

In order to get a permit, a person must:

1.  fill out a detailed application,

2.  provide two color photographs,

3.  provide an original Social Security card,

4.  bring a birth certificate.

And, that’s just for starters.  Law enforcement has strong discretion to deny a permit.

Based on the permit process in New York State,   Sheriff Van Blarcum  is completely justified in making this statement.  Ulster County residents can be grateful for his decision.

What he did not discuss…and what very few people discuss is how carrying a firearm affects a person’s daily life.

For women (and men) this can have a significant impact.  It may not seem like much, but carrying a weapon significantly impacts your wardrobe.  Where are you going to carry this weapon?  How obvious do you want the presence of this firearm to be?

My father, for example, wore his pistol in a holster.  No one even noticed  it was there.  That was because he never went without his suit coat (no matter how hot the Texas summer day was) and his wardrobe consisted  of clothing that concealed this firearm.

So, if you are going to carry a weapon,  where are you going to have it on your person and what kind of clothing are you going to  wear to  make it work for you?

If you are a woman, there are several  fashion accessories for you.  There are women’s purses which hold your gun and are still easy for you get access.

A company, Lethal Lace, for example,   sells a very discreet holster just for women.

Carrying a weapon is a way of life.  How is a holstered weapon, for example, going to affect the way you interact with your children, friends, fellow workers as you go about your day?

Now, you’ll be conscious not only of your wallet, car keys, cell phone but also your weapon.

If you are going to be carrying a  weapon responsibly, you are going to add in training hours.

And, finally, as you go about your day at both work and play with a  weapon, you are going to be ready to kill someone.

And, this is the big question.   It is a big jump from owning  a gun to exercise your Second Amendment Rights and owning a gun to be able to kill a person or persons… for whatever reason.

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Thurman Greco