About This Blog


I was a war child with a father in the OSS. He was one of the last men to return to civilian life at the end of World War II.

The Korean Conflict followed not long after.

I learned youngthat fear was a way of life for everyone as we crawled under our desks in school and practiced how we would protect ourselves when the Russians attacked us.

Althouth my family didn’t have one, family bomb shelters were fairly common in the ‘50s. My Uncle Ed commented once that the Russians would never come to Brackettville. And, if they did, they could have the place. My grandmother wasn’t too nice to him after that.

Then came the VietNam War. I’ll never forget a midday break between classes at the University of Texas when I learned that 6 American soldiers had been killed in Viet Nam. I knew in my gut that we’d crossed a line. We had.

I definitely remember the Bay of Pigs. I lived in San Antonio where 6 military bases surrounded the city. As residents, we knew we were a target if things spun out of control.

Living in Latin America, I was up close and personal with all kinds of abuse, assault. In Venezuela, I learned to live with a Guardia Nacional officer pointing a machine gun at me daily as I went to the bank, the bakery, the gas station. My 2 toddlers were in tow. I took them everywhere. The idea was to never get separated from them.

In Mexico City, I quickly learned which policemen could be bribed, and which ones could not. I got so I could tell the difference as soon as I saw the uniformed man in the distance…just by the way he walked.

Finally, I lived in the D.C. Metro area for many years. That stay ended when the Homeland Security came into being and my neighbors and clients began to live with fear. Some kept their car trunks filled with food/clothing. Their wallets were filled with $$$. Their gas tanks were filled with gas. Their cell phones were charged and they were ready to take off at a moment’s notice. For the life of me, I could not understand where they thought they were going to go. The D.C. Beltway was (and still is) overcrowded 24/7. Fleeing the area at 10 mph didn’t seem like a viable option then and it doesn’t seem like a viable option now.

And, through it all, the wars, the Federales, the political realities these things were all just window dressing.

Beneath all this drama lay fear, abuse, bullying, insecurities, assaults, rapes.

And…no one made a peep about these horrors which visited us personally.

And, you know what, no one is making a peep about them now.

Except me.

I hope to teach women that

they don’t have to hide their stories.

they can learn to defend themselves and

they can use this knowledge if and when they need to.

Self defense and overcoming fear are a spiritual journey which we can all use to our advantage.

We are all energetic beings with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional layers. All of these layers can be protected and nurtured when fear is overcome and self esteem is enhanced.

May we all enjoy protection, safety, and self defense.