Author’s Note

Whenever possible/practical, I reviewed conversations with people who could help reconstruct events, chronology, and dialogue based on these reviews. Some of the incidents as well as certain events were compressed. consolidated or reordered to accommodate memories of everyone consulted.

All dialogue is as accurate as possible to describe actual conversations that took place, to the best of my memory.

The names of some of the characters (mainly, the pantry shoppers) were changed. The names of others were omitted.

Technical information presented in some of the posts is as accurate and factual as my research allows. A technical post sometimes takes as many as 20 hours to research.

The opinions I express in the posts are mine. They are based on my experiences over time as I encountered fear, aggression, abuse, hatred, assault.

If you read a sentence, paragraph, page, or post that you feel is outrageous or untrue, it is nonetheless very real.

Everything written in this blog actually happened. It’s my story.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

May we all learn about protection, safety, self defense.