Do you have your self defense ring?


Even though I recently named a blog article with the phrase, I don’t like it.   “Up close and personal”  is so overdone.  What I do like is  “horribly intimate”.  This phrase is accurate.

When an attacker gets ready to punch your face, he’s getting frighteningly  intimate.  When he starts to rip off your clothes so he can rape you, he’s getting frighteningly intimate.  Rape is many things.  For starters, it’s horrible.  It’s also  intimate.

After all, you’re going to be fighting for your life – with no clothes on.  It’s hard to get raped when you’re fully clothed.  While you’re thinking about this – take a moment to think the situation through.  As you go through your day, put yourself in a slightly different mindset.

For starters, realize that nobody who’s getting ready to attack you is going to give you time to be properly attired.  So, it’s up to you to make sure you’re ready for an attacker no matter where or when he shows up.

How is this?

Well, from now on, you are going to be ready for action when you wear your self defense ring.

What is a self defense ring?

A self defense ring is a ring with a high dome  or pronged setting which can help you as you hit your assailant.  At the very least, you’ll get some skin, hair in the setting for DNA evidence.

So, if nothing else…you’ve got your ring.  Wear your self defense ring 24/7.  With your self defense ring, you’re ready for action.

I got my self defense ring from Richard Polhemus at Gabriel’s Reclaimed Jewelry at the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market in Woodstock, NY.  His email is  To talk to Richard personally, call 845-853-2079.

I plan to get several self defense rings for my daughters for their birthdays.  After all, I want them to be ready for action, too.

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Thurman Greco