What about a home invasion?


You’re sitting in front of your TV – watching your favorite show.  Suddenly…you realize you’re not alone.  You sense  a stranger in your house.

What are you going to do?

Well, the first thing you are going to do is…right now…plan your escape routes.  Know what you’re going to do if the bad guy is coming in your front door.  Know what you’re going to do if the bad guy is looking in your kitchen  window.

Preparing for a home invasion is definitely not rocket science but it does take some focused mental preparation. Important on your list is knowing where every window and door are located.  This may seem silly to ask yourself to count  your own windows and doors but once you have this information organized,  you can plan escape routes.

How should you leave your home if the attacker comes in the front door?

What about if you just find him in your bedroom?

What should you do to escape if you think you have more than 1 attacker?

Important in this preparation is an escape package in every room.  You won’t need a lot of things but you want them organized and hidden so you can get to them quickly.  Items for your escape pack include

extra car keys with remote starter

mace/pepper spray

knife or other tool

phone with 911 predialed.


After you’ve thought the scenarios through, you’ll  know what to put in your escape packs.  Having one in every room may seem like overkill but you probably can’t control how or when you will be attacked.  You can only be as prepared as possible.

Preparation is important because it’s what gives you an advantage.  Unless your attacker knows you, this familiarity with doors and windows and where they open to will help you escape faster.  Even if your attacker knows you, your planning will give you an advantage as you escape.

In a home invasion, your best chance of survival is through  planned exits.

Keep a phone by your side always.   As soon as you think someone is in your home, call 911 while you’re getting out.  Don’t bother to waste any time wondering what the invader is up to.  Focus your attention on getting out the door, calling the cops, making sure your life is safe.

On your way out the escape route, don’t hesitate to throw a lamp or chair or scissors, or anything else at your attacker.  Have mace or pepper spray handy in every area of your home.  Don’t be afraid to use it as you take off.

And, don’t just take my word on this subject.  It’s too important.  I invite you to go to http://www.shootingforwomenalliance.com and read  Susan Carrichner Rexrode’s story.  She tells it beautifully.


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Thurman Greco