Do you know a college student?


“1 in 4  Women experience Sex Assault on Campus”.  This headline appeared in the New York Times on September 22nd  this year.  Richard Perez-Pena wrote an in-depth and shocking article about campus assault and rape.

And, as detailed and shocking as the article was, there was nothing in it that women everywhere don’t already know.  What we also know is that any coed experiencing rape is going to have an uphill battle when/if she reports it.

For that reason alone, I find it hard to believe the statistics.  Women  experience unwanted sexual advances, assault, and rape and then just keep their mouths shut.

There is much that can and needs to be done to stop this behavior.  With this blog post, I’m offering  one small step that can be used by all of us.  It is a start…nothing more.

And, what is this one small step?  A self defense ring.

Women,  get a self defense ring.    This is the item which will work to  prove you’re not lying when/if you decide to tell your story.  The self defense ring has a   pronged setting or overlarge dome which will catch your attacker’s skin and flesh as you defend yourself.

It’s all too popular nowadays for rape kits to get lost.  How best to hide the evidence?  Well, with a self defense ring, you have your attacker’s DNA which you can keep in a box for future use if you need it.

Self defense rings don’t have to be expensive or gorgeous, even.  What they do need  is a setting or design high pronged enough to grab skin.  I bought mine at Gabriel’s Reclaimed Jewelry in the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market in Woodstock.  Richard Polhemus can be reached at 845-853-2079.

Thanks for reading this blog post.

Please refer this article to your preferred social media network.  Please share this information with any college coed you know who doesn’t have a self defense ring.  We all need one.

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Thurman Greco