What to do in a brawl.


Most of the things I blog about are realistic, practical.  They are things that can be encountered on any given day.  This next situation won’t come up all that often….

That’s the brawl.  How many times do you get stuck in a brawl in a year?  And, when that happens, how often does someone haul off and try to hit you?

For most of us, the answer is “not very often”.  However, it does happen.  When I was much younger than I am now and lived in Texas, brawls were fairly common.   And, they’re still fairly common in Texas if what I read in the papers is right.

Brawls are not popular everywhere.  But, you need to be prepared.  Don’t let yourself get caught in a brawl  without being prepared.

In a brawl, you are in a group of people and a man decides he wants to haul off and punch you.  Usually, I feel, when this happens, the guy wants to hit you in the face.

It’s much more common for a woman to be grabbed, assaulted, raped, than hit without any warning.  But, it can happen.  Don’t cross it off your list of options.

When this happens,  get out of the way.  Something to keep in mind here is that there’s not much time to prepare.  You’ve got to be ready and not spend a lot of time thinking about things.

Just do everything you can to avoid being punched.  This means that you can

side step,

dive out of the way,





If you can, use your hand or forearm to protect your





Attackers deliver punches and kicks in a line.  When you step to the side, you get out of the “line of attack”.  When you get out of the way, the guy is punching the air.  This has a tendency to disrupt his balance.  When he’s off balance, you have an opportunity to get in a hit and then run for it.

Whatever happens, get out as fast as you can.  That’s why it’s important to always wear shoes you can run in.  Running has been an effective escape technique throughout time.  Successful runners  escape injury and death all the time.



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